No To Aircraft Food

Really. I'm trying so hard to avoid eating the unhealthy aircraft foods. I promised to board a plane armed with some healthy foods- may it be made at home, purchased from a known shop, or put together from layover hotels. (Funny how I try to be heath- conscious this way when in other ways I fail. :D) 

Before my flight to Cairo today, I ate full. I told myself I won't consume any heated meals from the aircraft because it's only a two- hour flight going and another two coming back. I ate before I left so I thought I could wait to eat until I arrive back. I even bought lasagna from the cafeteria in Flight Operations in case my tummy tells me it needs something to take. This is what happened during the flight. I initially had bananas and chicken sandwich. But when I saw I the Chicken Biryani loaded by catering in Cairo, I couldn't resist it. :D 

I'm telling you, I tried but I just couldn't. 

Promise, will do better on control & discipline next time! :)