My Younger Sister's Confession

Yesterday, I told Jasmine about one of her high-school batch mates who recently tied the knot. She said she knows. She doesn't have Facebook to know about what's going on with her friends but somebody at home must have shared the news to her. I told her after some time that I saw a post in Facebook that she's pregnant so that must have been the reason for the quick wedding. 

Then she asked if I was envious. I said yes, because I'm already 28! Haha. And that's when she suddenly said she is pregnant, too. Seven weeks. I didn't believe her. I even said this is too early for April fools. :D Believing that she was joking, I told her that if it's a baby boy then it's fine. When she said she was serious, I still didn't believe her until she sent me a photo of her pregnancy test and a doctor's appointment. I got emotional. I couldn't help but cry. I am so happy for her, really happy. She wanted to break the news on my vacation this April but I think she had the courage to tell me when I mentioned about her friend. I knew she was a little afraid of telling me because I've always told her I should marry and have a baby first since I am the older one. But now, it doesn't really matter. I love my baby sister and I'm happy when she is. 

Everyone at home knows except for our father. She broke the news two weeks ago and since then she haven't seen him. She wanted to tell him the news, personally. Jay-r and Susay are happy. They wanted to have their own, too. :) My Auntie Tess and Ate Sheila are the most excited and her boyfriend who just left for Muscat is the happiest when she told him. She's expecting her baby in 6th of October, just a day after our youngest sister's birthday. 

When asked, my younger sister said she doesn't have any plans in getting married, yet and she wanted me to walk in the aisle first. Haha. She could marry first or after me, but whatever God's plans are for us, I am willing to take them. God has higher and better plans and His will, will always be done. Then she asked me when my turn will be. :D I said I have to carry on for two more years before I am allowed to have a baby. Then she called me 'career woman'. Hahaha. 

The doctor advised her for bed rest since she had experienced some bleeding and she is at risk. Now, I don't want anything else but for her to be safe and deliver her baby safely, too. 

Lord, please bless my younger sister for a new life is living within her. Please allow her to keep herself and her baby away from danger or pain. Please grace her with a healthy mind, body and spirit that she may share it to this wonderful creation coming to our family soon.