February 3, 2016

I slept for 12 hours before my flight today but towards the end of it, I was already starting to feel sleepy. I guess it's normal when you fly red- eye. I also believe sleeping through the night, will help you get through the day but sleeping through the day won't give a guarantee that you can get through the night. I'm sure some people who work at night shifts understand this.

Past 02:00 (A reminder: I have to review my First Aid learning's especially CPR because I never know when I can use them. I just got lucky I didn't have to do it this time because we were still on ground and ground services were there but what if this happened after take off ? or what if they weren't immediately available?) Everyone was busy boarding passengers when an old diabetic passenger on board was being taken cared off by his family members. I didn't know what the situation was until the supervisor instructed me to get something sweet to drink for this patient. When people stopped coming in, I quickly went to the lavatory to answer the call of nature and when I came out, I just saw ground medical services rushing to attend the already unconscious passenger. They did compression's and took turns while we managed to control the curious passengers who were already standing. Eventually, they offloaded him through a medical lift with his family. What happened next is only the doctor knows. God bless him and his family!

Good job for me on the flight today because I only ate banana, apples and pancakes. (I'm not really sure if I should include apples since I was eating them with salt :D) And I got myself a lunch for dinner- brown rice, boiled eggs and Moroccan sardines. This way I won't have to spend too much for ordering room service for only a single meal. :)

On a chat with him today after flight, he had asked me:

Jeff: mag unsa man ka today?
Me: mgread lang ug book pangga
Jeff: pila na ka books nimu wala pa ma read gani?
Me: daghan (laughing)
Jeff: puno nah imung bookshelf?
Me: oo
Jeff: tigum para palit ug bookshelf

Ahaha. His simple way of telling me not to spend too much. I knew it. :D