February 9, 2016

23:00 Okay, so, I wanted to start this post while eating sunflower seeds which I got from a dates store, yesterday but I finished a full bowl and poured another, forgetting about this. :) I realized it's hard to do both when my concentration was on running my tongue along the salty outer shell, cracking the shells between my teeth, spitting the shells and chewing the seed. I craved for sunflower seeds since one of my colleagues brought some with her in one of my previous flights. She shared it with us and now, I have an idea of a health- promoting snack I can consume at home while watching tv or reading a book, instead of chips and other junk foods.

Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds- I never took them before. I only started consuming them upon hearing from other girls how healthy they are. I learned to eat chia seeds by adding them up in cold drinks or juices and flax seeds in yogurt or cereals. Try them! Don't be deceived by their sizes because those tiny little things have powerful nutritional benefits. 

Yesterday, Marj cooked a butter garlic shrimp for our dinner at my apartment. My roommate, Jhen, joined us. It was a very enjoyable meal. Next time I'll put some shrimp paste on my butter garlic shrimp, too, to make it more tasty. 

Marj clicking the very first photo out of my newest travel buddy, while I was slicing the garlic and onions for our dinner.  
in love with this Go Pro Hero 4 :)
Today, I have learned the basics of this device including changing the backdoor and using the mounts. I'm happy there's now something I could use underwater and he's happier because he no longer have to carry the big and heavy SLR. :D

I'm excited of capturing and saving moments, the new way. c: