My January Days Off

I didn't expect I'd spent my days off with Jeff and my family in Manila. It was a very tough decision weighing my options of going or not based on first, my financial situation- something that he had actually assessed on. :)

Second, I had a problem purchasing my ticket. I needed to use my credit card. My bank is undergoing an upgrade of cards to all its customers since last quarter of last year. I didn't process the upgrade until this week. I received the new card but I needed to wait for another week to receive another mail from Aramex which will be a PIN this time. I couldn't purchase anything online without it. 

My third challenge was the ticket, itself. My free tickets are over and though there's unlimited discount tickets, I will be traveling as a wait list passenger and will only be allowed to travel if there is space available. I looked at the seat capacity on the flights I booked and they were already overbooked which means a lot of passengers are on wait list like me. My fear was not being able to travel on time. I could still try to catch the next scheduled flight to Manila the next day but that means missing the 50th wedding anniversary of our grandparents- the main reason why me and my family is going to Manila. And I may also miss my flight back to Jeddah, and be tagged as lateback or no- show to my next operating flight which is a big no- no to my goal of being a Manila base crew. 

Answered Prayers: Jeff supported me by booking my family's ticket to and from Manila. And he booked our 3 nights stay at Burgundy Mckinley Place in Paranaque. One of my friends is a lifesaver, too. Thanks to her! She allowed me to transact online using her credit card. I owe her 1500sar for the tickets to Manila and back. And checking in for the flight back from Manila was easy. The agent told me right away that my airline has already confirmed my seat.

Thank you, Lord, for You have allowed me to spend time with my loved ones by the help of others on overcoming those challenges. :)