January 24, 2016

The last three days was a time well- spent with my Papa, Auntie Tess, Jeff, and my cousin, Jay-r. On our first night together, Jeff had to go to work. He requested to work for a night in their office in Eastwood while the rest of us were at the SM by the bay and enjoyed the live music and fireworks while having dinner. 

The following day, we prepared early for the 50th wedding anniversary of our grandmother- the only living sister of my grandfather on father's side. After work, he was able to join us at Tramway Buffet in Mandaluyong just in time to catch the wedding ceremony. I have never attended a wedding anniversary in my life before and being able to witness one makes me feel blessed to have shared a family's vibrant celebration. I also feel blessed to have witnessed a love shared for years. It felt so great to see two people who have a lot of love for each other. It is also incredibly humbling and awe- inspiring to witness them walk the aisle again, exchange vows, kiss and dance together. Nowadays, we could rarely see couples lasting long so it's a milestone for our grandparents to reach this part of their lives and it's worth thanking and celebrating for. 

After the celebration, Papa and Auntie Tess got to spend time with their cousins. They haven't seen each other for a very long time so the wedding anniversary served as an opportunity for them to be reunited as well. Jay- r and I got to meet out second cousins for the first time. They were a bunch of lovely girls and boys and since we were meeting for a short period of time, we all took each other's Facebook accounts to get to know each other. I hope there's a Reas family reunion that will take place someday so we can spend longer time talking and sharing experiences and stories. 

Before my family flew back to Leyte, we all spent our lunch at Cabalen and played bowling while waiting for the right time to leave for the airport. 

Not everyone was able to come because of the high airfare tickets. But I am happy I spent a short time with few of my family members. I am happy to see them happy.

Jeff and I watched the 5th Wave at SM Cinemas and didn't find the movie great. We later on had dinner at Juan Bistro. :)

family dinner at La Mesa Grill
with the not camera ready couple :)
Aunt Tess and Papa with our aunts and uncles

after lunch at Cabalen
After Jeff and I had bowling, he finally played too after playing hard- to- get. Haha
dinner at Juan Bistro with humba and bangus bistek