January 27, 2016

January 25 (Monday)

We transferred to Favila Transient Rooms in Pasay where the accommodation is cheaper and the location is more accessible. We went to Vivaldi Residences in Cubao to submit the co- makers bank requirements and inquire about the progress of the construction. At night, I got to meet Lady and her mom at the Resorts World Manila and when they left, Jeff and I met Rachel. 

January 26 (Tuesday)

We headed to Tagaytay and visited the Skyranch, a leisure park with fantastic rides and a great ambiance high above the city. We tried out the Sky Eye and the Log Coaster Flying Bus which gave us an amazing view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. The Super Viking is something I might think about doing again the next time. :D I tried it in Enchanted Kingdom before and didn't expect I could do it the second time around. Each time it goes up and swings to almost 90 degrees and swings back down again, I feel like I've left my soul somewhere in the process. Haha. It only took 5-6 minutes but it felt like forever. I resorted to shouting my lungs out or else I will be found unconscious. :D I can still ride the Drop Tower next time. I even raised my hands free as he told while being span around and bounced up and down. Thank God I didn't lose my voice from riding all those thrilling activities. 

We also went to Picnic Grove and tried out Tagaytay's Bulalo at Don Juan Bulalo in Magallanes Square. 

January 27 (Wednesday)

After lunch, he accompanied me to the airport. I hate times like these when we have to be apart again. I remember one of those times when I wanted to go out after acquiring my boarding pass, but the security wouldn't let me out. I couldn't help but cry because I still wanted another hug. :) I cried despite people around. Again, after checking in for the flight today, I wasn't allowed to go out because it was only a few minutes to departure. I heard the security calling a ground staff on our flight and she was told that everyone was on board. At that time I still had to go through Customs and Immigration. I didn't listen. Instead, I waited until he appeared on the window glass while we both spoke on the phone. I controlled myself from crying. I was sad. I hope someday we no longer have to meet halfway. 

We have had many misunderstandings in the past few days in between having fun and enjoying moments together. I was sensitive to so many simple things, making them complicated, leading to arguments and fights. But I know we're trying to tidy up the loose ends and figure this out together. :)
view from The Sky Eye
lunch at the Red Engine Diner & Downtown Pizza (Skyranch)
Picnic Grove