January 31, 2016

08:00 I woke up 45 minutes earlier than the alarm I've set. I don't know what's with time. Whenever I see it in- between sleep, I would struggle sleeping again. It happens almost every time. If I have a clock in my bedside table or a tiny time display in some televisions, I'd cover them with something. Before going to sleep, I'd lay my phone upside down. I'd normally do these things, so, whenever I get up from bed to go to the washroom, I don't see the time. I think some people are like this, too. I forgot to cover the clock this time so upon seeing it when I woke up, I knew I couldn't extend my sleep for 45 more minutes. I was already clock- watching while trying to shut off my mind from thinking about things. 

09:35 Breakfast at the Feast with the rest of the Pinay crew

11:00 Ordered Sea Bass fillet for take- away at Cafe Mangii as my lunch box for today's flight.. I'm trying to avoid aircraft foods as much as I could. :)

12:00 I hit the treadmill for 30 minutes at the Sheraton Fitness Gym. I had to check first if there were other guests working out. Finding out that not a single person was there, I changed my clothes and started my once in a while dose of exercise. I was Skyping with him while I was walking down the treadmill. I said I wanted to go to Doha on my days off this February. When asked how much the ticket costs, he said I'd rather save that up for something else. He even said I can buy a fridge for 500 Riyals. Haha. That was a realization on my part. I already ran out of free tickets. And the new tickets will reset in a couple of months or so. Though there's unlimited discounted tickets, it still causes me to be strapped. :D

14:00 Took a nap for 2 hours

16:20 Wake- up Call

17:20 Pick- up

21:20 Departure back to base. One of my colleagues said I look like Venus Raj. Haha. I got that a lot when I was still working at Convergys. It was only today that I heard it again. :D