3rd Time in New York

My flying partner has been telling me she wanted to go to the city of New York to either see the Times Square or visit the Statue of Liberty. I wanted to accompany her but the very cold weather and wind just makes it impossible. And she realized it when we got there. 

I'm sharing a bit of a story of my experiences in New York. I was lucky on my first time since I was with one of my closest friends. She has a friend in the city who guided us along. Our hotel is more than an hour train ride to Manhattan. That alone plus commuting back and all the walking and sightseeing took hours from our only 33 hours layover. But we managed to go to different places while sacrificing much from our needed sleep. :D First, we just had to book a hotel in the city for an overnight stay so we won't have to lose more hours from traveling back and forth since we booked tickets to the Statue of Liberty for the following day. That first day, we saw the famous Brooklyn Bridge. We went to the lively and crowded Times Square. We went to a rooftop bar garden overlooking the city of New York and the Empire State Building. After only less than 4 hours of sleep, we headed to the tour to the Statue of Liberty. We arrived back to the hotel just in time for the wake- up call. 

That was summer. And my second time in New York was a fall season. Early in the morning, I took the train and transferred train stations to another to visit the Grand Central Station and the Central Park. 

This time in winter season, I preferred to stay in the hotel. I only went to Walmart and to the nearby mall with my flying partner to buy a few things. We went to Barnes and Noble bookstore for Reflections of a Man book but ended up buying Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult since Mr. Amari Soul's book is sold out. Little disappointed that there was no snowfall, we still went around the hotel to take few photos of the remnants of snow. :) 

Outside the hotel with the remnants of snow..
Brooklyn Bridge
Times Square
dinner at Dallas BBQ
230 Fifth Rooftop Bar Garden overlooking The Empire State Building
The Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island
The Grand Central Station
The Central Park