Bangalore, India

To end this day, here's how my day went. :) 

04:15 Happy to have slept for 9 straight hours.. I didn't take my sleeping aid because I knew I won't need it. My disrupted sleep started before my flight from New York to Jeddah. I traveled straight from Jeddah to Manila for days off without getting good sleep again during the duration of the flight. When I was in Manila, I only had two nights of good sleep and the rest were good as nap. I didn't get a good sleep during my flight back to Jeddah because I chose to see movies, instead. From my arrival in Jeddah, I slept for 7 hours until this red- eye Bangalore flight. If I'd calculate it, 9 hours is still not enough to compensate my lost sleeping time. I wish there were more than 24 hours a day! :D I'm not complaining. Nine- to- five is still more tedious and boring for me. :) Crossing different time zones and working during the day today, and a night tomorrow brings me excitement! I just wish I don't get to the point of abusing my body and health.

07:00 I started reading Reflections Of A Man by Mr. Amari Soul at the hotel's poolside. I loved my morning with a book in my hand while feeling the cool fresh air, hearing the water splash as few people swim in the infinity pool and the chirp of birds just above me. I also swam for a few minutes while enjoying the early rays of the sun. 

08:15 Coffee Ground Scrub. I learned this from my colleagues at work. It eliminates dead skin cells making it appear firmer and refreshed. Try it!

09:30 Breakfast at the Feast

11:00 An hour of nap

12:30 St. Mary's Basilica. With four other girls, I visited Bangalore's oldest church. It is different from all the other churches because of its blue and white interior paintings. It is beautiful, looking very elegant and feminine, rightly dedicated for Mama Mary. It was almost crowded of devotees doing their own prayers and offering candles and flowers, kissing and touching the different statues of saints. We were at first surprised to see people worshiping as Catholics like we do because we have seen more Muslims and Hindus everywhere in India.

We have observed people eating rock salt scattered under this statue of Mary and Jesus.
We don't know if eating salt has something to do with religion because then it's something new since it's never done in the churches in Philippines. Or it may have something to do with their culture. We never find out.
Our Lady of Good Health, Pray For Us
We offered our candles and flowers, too.
14:00 Very near to the church is Commercial Street, a shopping destination. I bought good quality curtains at a very reasonable price. I know where I'm using them. :)

15:30 Nearby our hotel is a big market where I bought a few groceries like brown rice, pomegranate, etc. Beside Big Bazaar is a home improvement and home goods store. Gosh! Looking at the items sent shivers down my spine. I can hardly wait to buy my own home furniture, appliances and decorations. And that means SAVING UP! :) I want my tiny condo space to be rented because I still want my simple dream of a house. c: In God's will and time. For now, I bought a candle lantern. That could take a lovely space in the bedroom.  I also bought myself a pillow mister. I didn't know such things exist. :D It is a lavender and fennel fragrance spray to bed linens that invites peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams. I might as well stop using melatonin pills. 

17:30 After quickly freshening up in the hotel, I went to LandMark bookshop inside Orion Mall and I was welcomed by books on sale (I almost went crazy when I saw the 70% discounts :D). I honestly still have a lot of unread books but I wouldn't let this pass. I bought four Chicken Soup for the Soul books for a total of 719INR (505PHP) and that already includes a cute silicone stand earphone purple turtle wrap (that's such a long description :D) for earphone cords storage. Lovely, right? :) 

I love India for books! c:
19:00 I love my dinner at Beijing Bites at the Food Court.

Burnt Pepper Chicken
Talking about my dinner made me starve for food again. :D Since I only finished half of it earlier, I'm going to eat the other half now before going to sleep. I don't mind being full right before sleeping. Haha. And it's time to use my new bed buddy to transport me to a world of refreshing sleep and eternal bliss. 

Good night! ZzZzzzzzzz

(Insert: My first Bangalore flight was an unforgettable one. My flying partner and I visited a few tourist attractions like the Lalbagh Park, Bangalore Palace and Vidhana Soudha. We had a lovely Indian lunch at Tandoor Resto and enjoyed an evening of mojito at The Studio Bar.)