May 11, 2016

So I had my alarm set to 7 in the morning today and my sleep must have been so good it kept on alarming until past nine. The reason why I had to wake up early was for me to process my exit/ entry visa so I could get it and my passport back in the afternoon. 

Without breakfast, I hurried to the office only to find out that I could already process it even a day before expiry. I was told that it's still too early to process a new one and I could come back first week of June until 28th. Well, I've been processing my visa a month before expiry and they've been accepting it, but not this time. 

I spent a few minutes at the new Alamad Cafe drinking some fresh orange carrot juice while waiting for my vegetable chopsuey order. 

Today, I finally emptied my SLR and GoPro of photos. It had too much pictures of my Jordan trip, my April vacation and my last layover to Kochi. I've already organized them in my laptop and waiting for the time that I'd have interest in uploading them to Facebook. I've basically lost interest uploading albums and Instagram has been my gallery for almost 2 years now. When I get to create albums in FB, I hide them after a week or so. 

I've booked my zed fare tickets to Manila through Qatar Airways. I initially wanted to trade my Bangalore flight arriving back to Jeddah at 0045 on 23rd this month. At exactly the same time, a Saudia flight departs to Manila. It's such a bad timing, I know. I was able to look for girls to trade flights with me with an early release but when I saw QR's flight departing at 0410a on 23rd, I disregarded the trades and took the opportunity of time, without losing my good BLR 57hrs layover. 

It will be my first time to fly with QR and I am looking forward to it. My Aunt's fights to Manila from Tacloban are ready, too! And also his flights. He booked them the other day. The main thing why I'm going home is to sign some house loan documents that has been approved by RCBC during the last part of my April vacation. The turn over of the condo unit will hopefully be soonest. 

There will be a day or two of free days in Manila so I suggested to him today that we could go hiking to Mt. Pico de Loro in Cavite. And it turned out to be a little argument because he doesn't want to spend time hiking to some mountains after tiring shifts and sleepless nights. :D Okay, then.

Will be out today to buy some Clarins foundation at Sephora because mine is almost empty.. Ciao!