May Days Off

May 23, 2016 (Monday)

My days off officially started the moment I stepped out of the aircraft from an operating flight. At the Flight Operations, my flying partner, Krati and my friend, April, patiently waited for me while I unpacked some of my things. I gave my uniform trolley and handbag to Krati. Inside were my uniform shoes, manuals and things I won't be needing in Manila. April gave me some of my stuff which I requested her to keep in her suitcase in India since I no longer had space in my bag. 

It's complicated. I know I could have given my things to April so I could let Krati go. Since April is living in another compound, I'd have hard time getting back my things from her. Aside from that, she's also going home to Manila and has longer days off than me so I couldn't fly with my trolley, handbag and manual stuck in her apartment by the time I get back. While Krati and I have the same length of days off since again were flying partners, I left my things to her.

After changing from uniform to my own clothes and abaya, I headed to the airport and checked in for my flight to Doha. I waited for 45 minutes before I was given a boarding pass.

At the transfer desk at Hamad International Airport, I was given another boarding pass to Manila. I don't know how they figure it out but she already knew I was a staff using my zed fare ticket. She then asked if I was going home for vacation. She was surprised when I said I was only going home for a five days off. The Filipina staff was really helpful. The airport was really huge and I had to walk a really long way to reach my next boarding gate. 

I got really excited having to fly with another airline. Qatar Airways has great customer service and is living its title as a 5 star airline and the World's Best Airline. The flight to Manila was light so I got to transfer seats and I got the whole row of seats for me alone. 

I watched the movie How to Be Single in between sleeping and eating. :)

I reached Manila at 10:30 in the evening and I was excited to see him and Aunt Tess.

May 24, 2016 (Tuesday)

An hour after I reached the hotel in Cubao, Jeff has arrived from work, too. He had his favorite zinger burger from KFC for me to eat. :)

Then it was time to sleep and had to wake up early for a long day at Vivaldi Residences and the bank, the main reason why I had to come home. 

After breakfast at the hotel, we went to Vivaldi. They were able to show us the building and some units. We went to the rooftop and saw the city surrounding us. There was a pool and I just loved the view of the city from it. I can't wait until the whole building is completely done!

We then proceeded to the RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig for the opening of account and signing of bank loans. There goes a bigger responsibility now. There were a lot of things I heard for the first time. I am thankful Jeff and Auntie Tess were present or else I wouldn't know what questions to ask from the bank officer. Actually, my aunt and Jeff did most of the talking and asking. :D

The three of us went to Eastwood for him to start his work again. Auntie and I went to see the movie, Just The Three of Us in the cinema and we all had dinner together before aunt and I headed back to the hotel. 

He followed after a few hours and I know he must be very tired from a day at the bank and straight to work. I'm happy it's his leave the following day. 

May 25, 2016 (Wednesday)

Auntie Tess left for Tacloban. Two weeks ago, Jeff opened up about going to Baler in Aurora. But when we looked up the bus trips in the internet, the schedules were tight. We might not catch our flights back to Cebu and Jeddah on Friday so I decided we could go to Puerto Galera via Batangas Pier. 

We packed our things and headed to the bus terminal. After a 3 hour ride from Manila, we reached the port and took another 1 hour ride to Puerto Galera via fastcraft. 

We reached the hotel at 7 in the evening, took some rest and headed out for dinner.

May 26, 2016 (Thursday)

We started our water activities right after breakfast. We went jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and fish feeding. It was our first time to jet- ski and para- sail and we both had a great time. It was a fun trip. And I would love to do them all over again. :)

We caught the last trip back to the port in Batangas and made it back to Manila at 9 in the evening. 

May 27, 2016 (Friday)

And it was time to part ways again. :( I just hate this feeling the most! Urghh.