May 17, 2016

I initially had a pick- up time today at 1630 so I had my alarm set to wake up at 1500, just in time for me to have a quick lunch, shower and then grooming.

When I woke up at 1500, I saw a notification on my phone that my flight has been changed to 1530 pick- up. I saw some missed calls, too. Those must have been our crew planner. But since my phone was in silent mode, I wasn't notified earlier through text or call.

At 1530, I was already on my way down to the Check Hostess. My roommate said I was quick and my flying partner waiting for me in the bus (who also sent me a Facebook message to notify me) said it was commendable for me to prepare in a span of 30 minutes. Haha :D

Now in the bus on the way to Flight Operations. :)