The Moment I Stepped Out

My aunt and I went inside one of the world's most famous department stores of designer clothing's and luxury gifts in London's Knightbridge, only to admire items on sale. Then I found myself being scrutinized by the security personnel since the alarm went on. That was embarrassing! We didn't have a clue where it was coming from. But, we went on. It was a relief that I was released. We saw different luxury brands, even others I heard for the first time in my life. Inside, we saw the memorial built for Diana, the Princess of Wales and her partner Dodi Fayed after a car crash killed them in 1997. Then, when we were ready to leave to catch Miss Saigon, the same thing happened on our way out of course. I didn't find the security intimidating this time so I was able to collect myself and found the fault myself. A hard tag which I forgot to cut was still on the blouse I was using underneath my winter coat. I bought it a long time ago and wore it for the first time. He cut it himself to save me from future troubles. :)

And I was like thank God the moment I stepped out there.