A Date With God's Beautiful Sea Creatures

Having been to the Manila Ocean Park, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Australia's Melbourne Aquarium, didn't stop me from visiting Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in the city of Toronto today. It is Canada's largest indoor aquarium, an awe- inspiring attraction highlighting marine life from different parts of the world. 

One of my colleagues didn't want to come with me. She reasoned out that it will be the same aquarium like all the other aquariums she has seen. 

But for me, stepping there again was like stepping for the first time. It was like stepping into another world. 

There was Canadian Waters where habitats and treasures that lurk beneath the surface of the Great Lakes are found. I first heard about the Great Lakes when I had my live guided tour to Niagara Falls last year, that I didn't pay much attention on. (Wikipedia: The Great Lakes are a series of interconnected freshwater lakes located in the northeastern North America, on the Canada- United States border, connecting to the Atlantic Ocean.) There was Rainbow Reef where tropical fishes were found in their vibrant colors. As I began my journey to the lower level, that was when I noticed that it was an underwater tunnel. The area is called the Dangerous Lagoon where I saw many different species of sharks swimming above me. Among them were tiny and bigger fishes swimming in the same water. I wondered if the sharks eat them. :D Then I watched with wonder as I saw the stingrays gracefully glide through the water in Ray Bay. There were many of them like they were almost bumping into each other. :) Lastly, there was Planet Jellies. It featured beautiful and different kinds of jellyfishes. The backlight and color- changing displays made them even more mesmerizing.

I was swept away by every living creature there. Merely looking at them was a remarkable adventure. It was a date with God's beautiful sea creatures, indeed!