Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

When I sleep alone in my room
I think of sweet memories of a home.
Tears drop from my eyes,
When voices echo inside my mind
And when I hear the lullabies.
I try to close my eyes
Memories do not dissolve in time.

Counting the days and nights
Makes me miss life so great and bright
Of a life away from home,
My feelings moving on.
Times are changing
And the world is moving.
But nothing compares to a home I am seeking.

Here comes again
Repeated whispers I keep on hearing
And memories become more unfading.
Remembered time spent together
As I get a little older and wind, colder.
Time passes in chain
However the fragrance of home remains.

Family and friends
Blooms and trees
Music and laughter
All I miss.
I tried to escape
But I was defeated.
The night has quickly flown away to start another day.

Will I go or will I stay?
Though my heart is crying
I have to work with full trying.
The time will keep on turning
And feel a love with no ending.
Time and again, I have to hold on
To go back to a home sweet home.

(This is a poem I made when we were asked to create one about family or hometown in one of my summer classes.)